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About us

Here at SeViaja we aim to be part and promoters of purposeful experiences of personal and professional growth. Our goal is to be a catalyst for positive change, open a window on a European and global context and support the development of the workers of today and tomorrow.
We believe it is crucial for each person to feel empowered enough to meaningfully fulfil their role into society. For this reason, we guide and accompany our groups through the process of acquiring new hard and soft skills, competences and knowledge, and enrich their background at 360º.

Through its founding principles, SeViaja envisions a network of professionals across Europe united by shared values of inclusion, diversity, tolerance, and a commitment to civic and democratic culture. In alignment with this vision, our aim is to become pivotal actors in the Europeanization process of the labor market, by fostering impactful and professional experiences for workers of all kinds, with a dedication to encourage harmony between professional responsibilities and personal well-being.


CEO (Chief executive Officer)


CFO (Chief financial officer)


CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)


COO (Chief Operating Officer)


PMO (project management Officer)


IOM (Italian Office Manager)